Rogue Health is “Your Prescription for Well-Being™”.

There is something to be said for the true value of caring about people. At Rogue Health PHA, we provide electrodermal screening which shows you imbalances (viruses, bacteria, metals…) in your body and help you balance that through holistic remedies, plus we add the benefit of something that has been scientifically proven for pain reduction, improvement in immunity, lymphatic flow, circulation, increased range of movement and the feeling of true caring – human touch.

Begin your quest for well-being with Therese Holliday, CHHP, CMMT and Founder of Rogue Health LLC as a Private Consultant offering decades of alternative, natural, health, trust-worthy and well-being experience.

Give YOUR Well-Being A Jumpstart!

Your health and well-being shouldn’t take a back seat to a busy life.  Get expert guidance with and consultation with an expert in bioenergetics, biofeedback, bionetics, homeopathy, botanicals, frequency, Healy, thermography, and medical massage in the Medford, Oregon area!