How can we improve your employees’ health and your bottom line?  Membership.

63% of employees rank health benefits important for job selection
40% of employees rank wellness stipend as choice value-added benefit
38% of employees rank increasing benefits package as important to keeping current job

What can an employer gain from a package including our services?

Less Absenteeism due to illness = Cost effective operations
Less Recidivism to unhealthy habits = Lower health insurance costs
Employer cares about their well-being = Improved morale
We offer a holistic approach to care with Membership, via:
deep relaxation with biofeedback, craniosacral therapy, reflexology and HemiSync(TM), Samonas(TM) or HeartMath(TM) music
electrodermal screenings, biofeedback, Low Level Laser Therapy
biofeedback via Healy wearable (Resonance) with consults
discounted homeopathics, botanicals, supplements
nutritional guidance, mental wellness style
lifestyle counseling
hands-on care i.e. TMJ release, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue/myofascial release
emotional release work
IonCleanse(TM) detox foot bath, Biomat(TM), AromaDome (TM) sessions


We also bill for therapeutic massage and manual therapy:  Regence Blue Cross, BCSO, Pacific Source, MODA

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